How to get summer bod ready


With the semester coming to an end it’s just about that time where we all begin feeling the pressure that beach weather is fast approaching.Like i have said in previous posts it is difficult to workout and east healthy with  a busy school schedule it becomes even more difficult when finals begin. As students during final week majority of our days are spent locked away in a library or our bedrooms and the most exercise we get is the pacing we do back and fourth when trying to get a paper done. As for nutrition our diets usually consist of pizza, pizza, Ramen Noodles , chip, and more pizza. If your in this same boat don’t worry there is still plenty of time to get ready to his the beach. It will just take a bit of time, hard work, and dedication. Check out this 5 step guide how to get beach body ready in a month.

Step 1: Right Diet


Stick to a strict diet of only healthy nutritional low carb food! If you want to see the diet that I plan on following message me and I can pass it along but any diet can suffice as long as you stick to it!

Step 2: Work, Work, Work!!!!!!!

working out

You should work out at least 5 times a week about an hour a day! Lifting, running, walking, legs! Do it all and those pounds will melt off!

Step 3: Drink a lot of water!


You should be drinking a gallon a day that is 8 normal size water bottles. It is so important to stay hydrated all the time, but it is extremely important when working out. It also helps you to lose weight.

Step 4: Get a great nights sleep!


It is important to get a goodnight of sleep. It helps to keep you energized, which is exactly how you want in order to get a better work out in. It also helps you be healthier in general.

Step 5: Plan your meals and days


If you meal prep it makes sticking to a diet so much easier! We are so busy on a day to day that we often use this as an excuse to cheat on our diets. So having meals done and planned out will help you stick to a diet.


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